About Us

We have been breeding Morgan Horses since 1972 and won the American Morgan Horse Association Breeders Hall of Fame Award in 2011.  The horses have come full circle with us, and it seems that with Morgans one must learn a multitude of disciplines.  Scandia horses have won World Titles in Western, English Pleasure, Equitation,and Classic, done 4h, OHSET, trail and camping companions, competed as CDE horses, dressage competitors, and are and have been great breeding stock for many farms.  We have bred 100 plus registered foals.  At Scandia we are now coming to our last few years in this business and are reducing our herd by selling the last and best of our young mares..  Our stallions have aged and one is no longer producing.  Please watch and enjoy the video below to see some of our many family lines. Enjoy!

We may be contacted at scandiamhf@gmail.com or visit our FB page for Scandia Morgan Horse Farm or see farm pictures  Scandiamhf LLC

phone at 503 366 0918